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DVI (24+1) to VGA adaptor


DVI comes in two common pin formats: DVI-I and DVI-D. DVI-I is a hybrid digital/analog display connector that has two pins above and below the horizontal grounding pin. Those four pins carry analog signals (Red, Green, Blue, and Horizontal Sync) that can be send to a VGA (HD15) adapter. DVI-D does NOT have these pins and only sends a digital signal.

In short, this adapter will not work UNLESS your DVI-D provides VGA signal.  

ASK: Why my DVI D adapter cannot connect to VGA monitor or TV ?
I've just realised I bought a DVI-D adapter for my VGA cable that goes from the VGA port in my TV to the back of my computer into my graphics card and when I went onto the VGA source on my TV it just came up with no signal. The item was titled "DVI-D DVI MALE 24+1PIN TO VGA FEMALE SVGA"
What does SVGA mean?! Will I have to buy a new adapter? Because I didn't notice the SVGA in the title when I bought it..

Adapter you got won't work.
You need DVI-I or DVI-A to VGA /SVGA adapter. (DVI-A is not common so look for DVI-I)
But please check that you got DVI-I output on your GPU. Mostlikely yes but just to be sure.

If you are not sure what are differences in DVI formats here is image where you can see it.
It does not matter if it will be dual or single link, but it has to be DVI-I.

Problem with DVI-D is that use only digital signal and dont have paths for analog signal your VGA need.
"Male DVI-D to Female VGA Adapter. The Male DVI-D to Female VGA Adapter is designed for digital-to-analog converter machine only. And it can not change digital data to analog data directly."
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