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GSM/DCS Signal booster (dual brand)

GSM & Phone
- High linear design,low interference to BTS.
- Compact size,low consumption,easy to install,great cover.
- Expand signal coverage where signal is weak or unavailable eg.villa,high building,countryside,parking lot ect.
- Improve your mobile signal ,no more bad reception,no more dropping calls.

Parameter Sheet:
- Device can work perfectly in condition of Outdoor signal strength more than-70db or -65db
- Working System:GSM+DCS
- Frequency Range:Uplink:890-915mhz / 1710-1785mhz Downlink:935-960mhz/ 1805-1880mhz
- Gain:65db
- Output power:20dbm
- Bandwidth:25M+60M/25M+60M
- Ripple in band:less than 5db
- VSWR:less than 3db
- MTBF:more than 50000 hours
- Power supply:AC:100-240V DC:12V 2A
- Inpedance:50 ohm
- RF connector:N female
- MTBF:more than 50000 hours
- Dimensions:200x190x50mm
- Weight:1.2kg
- Environment conditions: IP40
- Feature:With LCD display; hot sale in 2015

Easy Setup in 4 easy steps:
- 1.Mount the External Antenna where you have the strongest cell phone signal, typically on a roof or in an attic.
- 2.Connect the indoor antenna to the Booster Base Unit and place where you need improved signal. There should be a minimum of 15 vertical feet of separation between the Base Unit and External Antenna.
- 3.Run the RG-6 coax cable (32 feet) between the Base Unit and External Antenna.
- 4.Connect the power supply to the Booster Base Unit and plug into a power outlet and you are done!

Packaging Included:
- 1 x GSM 900mhz + 1800mhz Dual Band Booster
- 1 x AC Power Adapter

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